Folklore tells of a mythical ‘fountain of youth’, the legendary spring that reverses the age of anyone who bathes in it. We continue to live in a culture that is obsessed with minimizing the physical appearance of age. Aging is a natural process, and although no one is exempt from it, we do have control over how we age.

As kids, we had a strict schedule from our parents. We had a set time to wake up and go to sleep. During the day we ate well and played outdoors. But as we grow older and gain control over our lives, we tend to ignore the basic needs of the human body and mind. In our daily whirlwinds of stress and obligations, we begin to feel age creep up on us.

Stop looking for that fountain of youth, you are your own fountain of youth.

Here are the 5 tips to stay young and healthy:



Our bodies go through many mental and physical forms of deterioration if we are not able to get quality sleep. Chronic sleep loss can reduce the capacity of even young adults to perform basic metabolic functions. The body’s hormones start acting up, insulin, growth hormone and cortisol are all negatively affected.

Increased production of cortisol causes an increase in body fat predisposing you to a range of diseases. Decreased production of growth hormone causes decreased muscle mass, skin changes and weak bones. Lack of sleep has also shown to reduce testosterone levels in males linked with erectile dysfunction and decreased libido.

Sleep is also essential for memory and processing information in an organized fashion. Learning and memory are often described in term of three functions: acquisition, consolidation and recall. All of the above mentioned functions are necessary for proper memory function.


Taking a few deep breaths has an instant calming effect on our minds. This is because deep diaphragmatic breathing increases the parasympathetic output from our nervous system, helping the mind to relax instantly.

Accelerated ageing, hypertension, obesity, stroke, diabetes, depression have all been linked to stress.


Meditation isn’t for hippies anymore. Many studies show that mindfulness meditation enhances health on many levels. And as you know, enhancing your healthy will automatically help you to stay young. Meditation helps to connect the mental, spiritual and physical aspects of health.


Does it really surprise you that exercise helps you to stay young and healthy? Kids intuitively know this, since they spend hours each day running about and playing. The human body isn’t well adapted to our modern lifestyles of sitting, driving and working indoors

Eat Healthy

There’s no way around it: you need to eat healthy to look healthy. Certain foods have a huge impact on the skin, thus making people look much younger or older. For instance, hydrogenated oils increase the size of your pores, making you age. While vegetables high in silica and vitamin A make your skin soft and decrease blemishes.